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Magnetiseur and hypno practitioner


My name is Laurent Stevenoot, and I magnetiseur in Nice in the Alpes Maritimes (06)
I am also in Ericksonian hypnosis practitioner

I have been interested in alternative medicines,in particular, anything about energetics.
In addition to alternative medicines,i have been interested in psychology.

I had ride degree in psychology, at IEPA institute, St Laurent-du-var, because i wanted to be a psychotherapist; In conjunction with these studies, i was interested to energetic treatments

And later, while seeking to set up practice, i am meeting with a osteopath-mesmerist which me doscover my own capabilities in the area of mesmerism; previously unknown capabilities, but probably hereditary, since then i find out that my great-grandmother was fire cutter

my activity

I phrase my work on two main areas :
- mesmerism
- Ericksonian hypnosis
two very complementary approaches.

for more information : 0623 513 360

My information

phone number :
06 23 51 33 60

N° Siret :

private practice :
48 boulevard Jean jaurès
06300 Nice
Paramedical cabinet(office)
2nd floor

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Cathédrale-Vieille ville
Opéra-Vieille ville

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Cours Saleya